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6 starsMy favorite volume so far. The manga is getting more hilarious with every new volume :DBest Part of This Volume: Bro-romance between Miyamura and his middle school friend Shindou <3 Its been a while since Ive seen such a strong friendship theme in a shujo/shounen manga.Once again I must repeat, this isnt your ordinary shojo manga. Its a Shonen manga with Shojo feel and setting. I dont know whether you know or not but Shounen manga is targeted for boys so I think thats why there is no over-the-top drama, jealousy ridden love triangles, strange misunderstandings and melodramatic hero/ heroine (which is a characteristic of almost every Shoujo there is.) in this manga. Horimiya clicks with you because of its simple plotline and frank characters.So all in all, its not your typical shoujo. Well, considering because its meant to be a shounen. But because its not your typical shoujo, you might not like it. But it just depends on your taste on what you like. If you want another cheap soap drama manga this manga is probably not for you. If you want characters dont come of as stereotypically annoying and cliched, plot that isnt rushed, forced, predictable and repetitive, and the dialogue that isnt just simply retarded and ridiculous then definitely read this manga!! :)

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