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We read this last night, and my six year old wanted to take it on the school bus this morning to re-read. Definitely a success. Also, he giggled during the reading. :)These adorable rounded penguins (who inexplicably have teeth when asked to say Fish! for a picture), have a relatively boring life at the zoo, especially on quiet days when there are no people around for them to watch. However, a girl accidentally drops her camera into the penguin enclosure; when a baby penguin finds it, hijinks ensue. Of course at first they are cautious, but Baby Penguin quickly catches on to the button-pushing and they take many silly photos of themselves, until the camera stops responding. In the morning, the keeper finds it, and eventually it is returned to the girl-- and the Penguin photos are developed.The flop-out strip of photos in the back is a structural weak point for the book but also a source of great enjoyment, if my sons reaction can be generalized. Despite being entirely a child of the digital age, he was not fazed by reference to the film being developed-- I dont even think he noticed that. Given the interest in taking funny pictures of themselves and each other displayed by modern children, and the antics of the adorable penguins, this is pretty much a sure-fire hit.

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