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4 sevengasm-and-fun stars. Review completed May 5, 2014Twenty strangers were asked to kiss for the first time. Look at them. All are sweet but check out the two of them in my gifs. They are FANTASTIC! The kiss was so good she forgot his name. Just kidding. Still, it’s possible. :)Mmm…one has to wonder if they are a couple now. <333 course, Im not jealous. Unless he has one of those magic penises that fork into ten different heads.Amy couldnt quite hide a grin. Or maybe he has one of those magic penises that can make me come seven times.What do you mean? His voice was low and thick, and his body was hard and hot as it pressed her into the corner. Very hard. Very hot.Amys already pulsing blood pulsed even more. The two hours havent started yet, so dont try to cheat by getting a head start.His eyebrows lifted. Are you having an orgasm at the moment?Torn between laughter and arousal, Amy said, Well, no. Not just at the moment, but thanks for asking.Then theres no cheating. Im just standing in the lift, minding my own business. The rules dont apply.The rules never seem to apply to you.Holy seven f@ck! OMG…um…Baba, stop stammering. Take a deep breath. See? All better. Now you can form a couple coherent sentences. Probably…Well, thats what I call high-performance sport of the intimate, sexy-as-f@ck variety. Boy, Im drenched. I didnt find it erotic but I did find it particularly funny and exhilarating, extremely entertaining and very sexy. It. Made. Me. Feel. Good. Period. In fact, I friggin loved it until the heroine started to irritate me. *sigh* I can hardly ever read a book without a female lead character getting on my nerves. Amy had her moments but why-oh-why couldnt she come clean, telling Owen that she wanted him to stay in the States for Petes sake? Instead, the twenty-eight days were on her mind and she had to clam up all the time or say something petty. Plus, she was too weepy and melodramatic for my liking. This being said, I enjoyed it nonetheless and Owen made up for everything. He can do me seven six ways to Sunday; Im a volunteer after all.I read Seven on a whim because I loved Claire Kents Escorted and said to myself that the whole seven orgasm thing would be highly unrealistic anyway. Yet all I needed was a short and fun read pronto. On the other hand, I must say that I found Owens concept how to accomplish that performance rather interesting and kinda relatable. Never underestimate a determined and smug Brit, right? It might even work out in real life. Besides, even if it hadnt been realistic, it was so utterly diverting! No need to beat the proverbial bush, their banter and snark had me in stitches at times. Somewhere along the numerous orgasms way I lost count how many times he made her come. I guess that happens when you are so immersed in a story. But, wait, there are chapters with nice headers, right? They are your own personal assistant or much simpler worded, your reminder. In case youll lose the relation to reality, you just have to check them and youll be back on track. Easy peasy.Swept away towards a happy ending by a magic c@ck that didnt fork into ten different heads…Do you trust me?Ill leave you stunned and breathlessYou wont regret itI promise to makeYou see starsHold on for aCrazy and fun rideRelease my wristsAnd let go, relaxIm humming along your bodyTrailing lips over sweaty skinSlow and steadyFaster, deeperTeasing, touchingThe pressure of my hands and lipsYoure arousedHot and wetPrimed for me, only meLeisure kisses turn intoDeep, passionate kissesSensual tortureGrows desperate and intenseYou beg to findYour mindless pleasureWith increasing abandonYoure close to a breathless climaxFear not, there are more to comeArousal is building againMy head is spinning, a gaspCan you feel itIt’s more than staminaIts about willAnd mind over matterOverwhelmed by emotionsWhy did I not ask soonerThe right words can findA way into our heartsI dont know why youre still here. Go and buy the book! Well invested 0.93 euro. Just saying…Recommended read.P.S. Check out Wendys review:, thats sweet of you and Im happy that you enjoyed Seven! :)

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